Dental emergencies can be avoided by taking some simple precautions, such as wearing a mouth guard during sporting activities and staying away from hard food such as candy or ice that may crack teeth. Accidents do happen however, and it is important to know what actions to take. Injuries to the mouth may include teeth that are knocked out, forced out of position and loosened or fractured. Getting to a dentist within 30 minutes can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. At Drakeshire Dental we have designed a system that allows us to see you immediately.


If a permanent tooth is knocked out, immediately call your dentist for an emergency appointment. Handle the tooth by the crown, not the root. Touching the root of the tooth can damage cells necessary for its re-attachment. Gently rinse the tooth in water to remove dirt. Do not scrub. Place the clean tooth in your mouth between the cheek and gum to keep it moist. It is important not to let the tooth dry out. If it is not possible to store the tooth in the mouth, or if the affected person is a small child that may swallow the tooth or choke, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth or gauze and immerse it in milk, the persons saliva or saline solution.


If a permanent tooth is pushed out of position, attempt to reposition the tooth to its normal alignment using very light finger pressure, but do not force the tooth. Bite down to keep the tooth from moving. The dentist may splint the tooth in place using high-tech adhesives.

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