DNA Saliva Test

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We work closely with OralDNA Labs and are able to offer three tests that provide important information about your general health. The tests are easy to administer. You simply “swish and gargle” with a sterile saline solution for 30 seconds, then empty your mouth into a small coded container that will be sent to our lab. The available tests include: MyPerioPath: A test used to identify the specific bacteria that are triggering a patient’s non-resolving  periodontal (gum) disease. MyPerio ID: Can determine if a patient has specific markers in his/her DNA that may place them at a greater risk for more serious gum disease. OraRisk: Is used to determine if an oral HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection is present. Some types of HPV are classified as high-risk and have the potential to lead to oral cancer. Innovative tests such as these provide patients with personalized diagnostic information designed to optimize treatment and enhance overall health and wellness.
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