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Sealants are necessary because some teeth have defective occlusal (biting) surfaces when they erupt into the mouth. Food debris and acids produced by bacteria, penetrate into the grooves of the teeth. Patients cannot clean these areas effectively, and dental decay (cavities) can occur. While brushing and flossing help remove the food particles and plaque from smooth non-biting surfaces of teeth, toothbrush bristles often can’t reach into these depressions and grooves.


Sealants aren’t just for kids. Decay can begin early in life, so Drakeshire Dental doctors usually apply sealants to children’s and teenager’s premolars and molars to protect them. Children’s first adult molars erupt around the age of 6 and their second permanent molars erupt around the age of 12. Sealants placed close to the eruption time of the teeth prevent the majority of tooth decay, however sealants can protect adult teeth too! Research has shown that adults have a high chance of experiencing decay in the pits and grooves of their teeth.Our doctors can apply adult sealants quickly, easily, and comfortably.

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