Little girl with special needs enjoy spending time with mother Special

Drakeshire Dental is committed to our patients, their families, and our entire community.


We understand that those with special needs, and their loved ones who care for them, may have a harder time getting dental work done for a variety of reasons. Whether it be mobility issues, issues staying still or calm in the chair or anything else, the team at Drakeshire Dental is well trained and equipped to help.


We offer a safe, friendly and caring environment for all of our patients, and strive to create the ideal dental experience for everyone. Where necessary, Drakeshire Dental is happy to provide:


  • Multiple assistants per patient in order to help monitor them and assure their calmness and safety
  • Quick, efficient examinations and treatments where possible to keep appointments short
  • Enhanced knowledge of the patient and their condition in order to best connect with and treat them
  • Caregiver participation/presence when possible
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Sedation Dentistry


Please give Drakeshire Dental a call to set up an appointment. If you or your loved one hasn’t visited us before, please be sure to inform us of their situation and any specific information that may be helpful for us as we work to make their visit with us as comfortable, relaxed and effective as possible.

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