Technology is changing our lives and is also impacting dentistry in new and exciting ways.

The technology allows us to perform many procedures more quickly with less discomfort, and with more satisfying results. Among the technologies incorporated into our practice are the following:

  • Air Abrasion – an instrument that works like a mini sandblaster is used to spray away decay. It is also known as “drilless dentistry.”
  • CEREC – restore damaged teeth in a single appointment using a space-age nano ceramic material.
  • Digital x-rays – increased accuracy plus a 75% reduction in exposure.
  • Intra-oral video cameras – pen-sized cameras allow for big screen images of the mouth that are utilized by both the doctor and patient.
  • Lasers – safe, effective and painless treatment for a wide range of dental procedures.
  • ZOOM® Whitening – immediate whitening resultsearpiece that are unavailable with traditional whitening systems.


Site MapTechnology has also allowed us to streamline our operations:
  • Our dental records and x-rays are digitized
  • Dental insurance companies are billed electronically
  • Most dental forms are available online for download
  • We provide online reminders and confirmation of all appointments, as well as texting.

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