Cosmetic Dentistry can be used to change the overall shape or color of teeth. Drakeshire Dental doctors provide a variety of cosmetic procedures including:


  • Cosmetic fillings/bonding — Natural-looking materials are used including fillings made from porcelain and composite resins.
  • Whitening/Bleaching — Procedures that reverse the effects of aging, food and tobacco stains. Drakeshire utilizes the most advanced ZOOM technology which can bring dramatic results in one hour!
  • Veneers and “Thin Veneers”– Special thin pieces of porcelain called veneers are used to cover stains, correct discolored, worn down, cracked/chipped teeth, and close unsightly gaps between teeth.
  • Cosmetic contouring and reshaping – A relatively simple procedure that can correct crooked, chipped, cracked, and even overlapping teeth.
  • Crowns — Synthetic caps, usually made of porcelain, that can be placed on the top of a tooth to restore its function and appearance.
  • Gum lifts — soft tissue grafts can be used to even gum lines, or cover an exposed and unsightly root.

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