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If you’ve lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, injury, or any other reason, dental implants may be the solution for you!


What’s an implant?

Think of a dental implant as an artificial root, designed to provide support to your mouth that was lost along with your old tooth. A titanium rod is placed in your gum, which provides the base for a crown to be attached and act as your new fully functioning tooth. Implants can also act as anchors to which bridges, removable partials and permanent dentures can be attached. 


Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth, providing an effective and cost-efficient way to replace a tooth after it’s been lost. Implants anc be brushed and flossed as normal, so there’s nothing stopping you from continuing to practice good dental care!


Will getting an implant hurt?

Receiving a dental implant might sound scary- but rest assured, it’s a very simple and safe procedure! Thanks to CAT SCAN technology used in our office, your dentist is able to place an implant in less than 30 minutes without the need to cut your gums or leave you with any stitches. It’s a very predictable procedure, and patients rarely deal with any discomfort once it’s complete!


What are Implant Supported Dentures?

Many people who use traditional dentures don’t enjoy using them. Often these individuals will find themselves simply not wearing them because they are uncomfortable or simply won’t stay in place. Denture adhesives are an easy solution but can end up being messy, ineffective, and  require multiple applications.


That’s where Implant Supported Dentures come in! Implants placed along the gums in your mouth can support a full row of permanent dentures, eliminating the risk of the dentures getting loose or falling out. The presence of the implants prevents the bone of the jaw from disappearing, which allows the dentures to sit comfortably. Without the implants, the bone of the jaw will begin to disappear, which is what causes dentures to grow loose and uncomfortable. 


Drakeshire Dental is proud to offer modifications to your current dentures for those who are interested in making the switch to Implant Supported Dentures. They will be made to sit comfortably over your new implants, allowing them to snap and lock into place. 


Smile with confidence. Eat what you want. Assure your comfort. Contact Drakeshire Dental today to learn if you’re a candidate for Implant Support Dentures today!

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